Purple Ribbon
To be an abuse-free community.
To transform the community and the lives of those affected by domestic violence through support, awareness, education and involvement.

About UCAN

UCAN Inc. is a non-profit group of committed community members who are interested in reducing domestic violence in Douglas County. We focus our efforts on the work site and have had great support from our local business and industry.

UCAN Inc. started in 2000 with a 100-man luncheon. The effort was designed to get more men of the community involved in anti-violence efforts, especially domestic violence. From that luncheon, the Business Workplace Committee was formed with interested business and community members.

Each October during Domestic Abuse Awareness Month we have an annual luncheon that has attracted approximately 200 community members each year.

Our active committees are:

Education Committee

The Education Committee will develop and maintain a set of uniform training materials on domestic violence to present at local businesses and organizations.

The Education Committee will also seek out materials to help train professionals in the areas of Law, Law Enforcement and Health Care.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for the bookkeeping of the financial affairs of the corporation.

The Finance Committee will seek out grants and other funding opportunities that may arise. (i.e. Operation Roundup, Foundations etc.)

The Finance Committee will prepare and submit the application to United Way.

The Finance Committee will maintain the corporation’s 501 (c) status.

Programs/Events Committee

The P/E Committee is responsible to plan and organize the following:

1) Programs and/or presentations to businesses and other groups
2) Taking Steps Against Domestic Violence Walk
3) Annual Domestic Abuse Awareness Luncheon in October

Men’s Action Network

The MAN Committee is to coordinate efforts with the Minn. MAN group.

Youth Committee

The Youth Committee will develop ways to reach youth about domestic violence and develop programs that are youth related concerning domestic violence. The Committee will work to develop relationships with community and church youth directors in Douglas County.

Membership/Marketing Committee

The M/M Committee will coordinate efforts with the media, web site development and maintenance, brochure, newsletter and any other forms of communication. The M/M Committee will also seek out new members to join UCAN Inc. as regular members and as sustaining members.

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